Welcome to my website dedicated to night sky photography. I would like to share my fascination for the beauty of the world that surrounds our Earth with some photos. I hope these pictures interest all those who love to raise their eyes to the stars or motivate those who have forgotten to do so. These photos are, without any pretension, those of an amateur, taken with an amateur material. 
You will find different sections: the presentation in which I briefly comment on my beginnings in astronomy. Then I present the material I use. In the links section, I have gathered some useful addresses to begin with. These are the websites dedicated to astronomy such as Webastro or Astrosurf, which have allowed me to enrich my knowledge, technique and the possibility of exchanging opinions thanks to the forums. 
The galleries section is divided into three parts: photos taken without a telescope, taken with a simple camera with a tripod and that reflect what can be observed with the naked eye or using binoculars. Photos taken without a telescope, with the camera installed on an equatorial mount and finally, photos taken with a telescope. 
The techniques of acquisition and process of photos are the subject of numerous tutorials and discussions, so I will briefly discuss the methods I use.  
This overview will allow the beginner to realize that making an astrophoto is much more restrictive than locating an object in the sky and pressing the trigger. 
Your opinion or comments are very important for me, please do not hesitate to write me. 
Good sky!! 

Specials thanks to Berta and Irene who have translated these texts

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Last update December 04, 2019